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Selling Your Home for Top Dollar Starts With a Clean and Organized House

Dated: June 9 2023

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By Claire Wentz

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s not enough to simply stick a sign in the front yard. Ask any realtor and they will tell you that it takes hard work, which starts long before you are listed on the MLS. Not only must your realtor perform a comprehensive market analysis, but you will also have to get to work as well.

 A thorough house cleaning brings in more money for the property. Buyers see the space clearly and they can imagine themselves there. It also shows that you're the kind of owner who cared for the home.

 Here are some tips from Realtor Van Braun. for getting you home clean before a sale.

 Spring Cleaning on Steroids

 Sure, you probably spend a few days when winter is over chasing dust bunnies and wiping down the window seals. However, when you’re selling your home, the property needs much more than just a spring cleaning. Getting your house ready for the market is not a one-day endeavor; it may take weeks or months to achieve. Don’t go it alone; enlist the help of your kids. Make a game of it so that you can get your house ready sooner.

 Declutter Room By Room

 Decluttering is your first task. It makes sense to begin removing items that you don’t need immediately. Glad.com points out that the bathroom is one of the biggest problem zones in most homes. Start here by purging old makeup, bath and body products, and anything else that’s been sitting unused in the medicine cabinet collecting dust.

 You should also apply the same principles in the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. If you haven’t touched an item in six months, decide on whether to keep it, donate it, or take it to the curb. Don’t forget to take a look at your office either. To keep this space clutter-free, hide or bundle cables, eliminate mounds of paperwork and purchase storage solutions to keep everything needed and tidy.

 Follow your decluttering efforts with a thorough cleaning, which should include wiping down every hard surface in the home, including cabinets, countertops, and trim. Remove any stains from the carpet, and then give your furniture a steam treatment to eliminate odors. Whenever you can, use all-natural products to clean your home, as these are less dangerous than regular cleaning supplies.

 Talk to Your Agent

 Keep in mind that while cleaning is essential, there may be other steps to take based on your neighborhood and price point. This can be a difficult part of the process because your agent is objective about the condition of your house. They may tell you if your paint colors are terrible and whether or not that giant sectional that fills up your living room makes your house look smaller than it is. They can help you improve your home’s curb appeal, which may increase its appraisal value as well.

 Staging Your Home

 In all likelihood, after cleaning, your agent will suggest staging your home. HGTV explains that staging is the process by which you eliminate unnecessary furniture and belongings and either arrange what you own or bring in rental pieces to show off the best parts of your space. Often, something as simple as moving furniture from one room to another or painting over wood-paneled walls can change the entire feel of the property.

 Rooms like the bedroom can be spruced up and updated with attractive bedding that brings the space together in an inviting way. Look into unique and appealing options that match pillows with sheet sets and duvet covers. The bedding should complement the colors of the walls and window dressings.

 Let There Be Light

 When your home is clean and properly staged, it makes it much easier for your real estate agent or their photographer to create a marketable listing. To make this easier on them, take steps to ensure they have the best light possible. Natural light is best, so get to work cleaning the windows and removing light-blocking window dressings, even in the bedroom. Remember, you can always wear a sleep mask if light bothers you at night.

 In addition to looking great in pictures, a little prep work on your property will make it easier for open house visitors to envision themselves living there. Cleaning and staging can push the selling process more quickly compared to if you try to sell with that “lived-in” look. 

 If all this sounds like a ton of work, it is — but it’s worth it. If time is a concern, you can always hire a professional cleaner, home organizer, and stager to get it done on your behalf. Even though this is an added expense, the prep work you do now will likely pay for itself.

 Realtor Van Braun of American Associates Realtors helps clients with all their selling and buying needs, specializing in listing properties and helping clients achieve their goals and for top dollar. Connect with Van today! 810-936-3251

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